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Express Your Support for Breast Cancer With Pink Ribbons

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Think Pink Ribbon Team There have been 0 comments

The color pink is symbolic of many things. It can mean love or happiness. However, pink ribbons could only man one thing and that is breast cancer. In fact, it has been the widely accepted symbol for this dreaded disease that tops the main cause of death among women all over the world. As such, whenever you see people wearing pink ribbons or establishments displaying the logo in their display windows, you will automatically know that they are supporting the advocacy on breast cancer awareness.

Since it is very impossible for women in their 30s and beyond to literally wear pink ribbons in their hair or wrists, a lot of products have been introduced in the market that bear the pink cancer ribbon logos in answer to this need. There are bags, pillows, mugs and literally just about anything that you can even think of.? There are even specialty stores that are exclusively selling them. Mind you, but there products are selling like hotcakes too. It is best that you check for these items online because you will find more choices that are sold at the cheapest prices.

Pink ribbons are all over but wearing them because you are an avid supporter of breast cancer gives you a much deeper meaning and sense of purpose.? You can actually take your pick between wearing a shirt and carrying a tote bag provided both have a pink cancer ribbon on it. Truth be told, the logo itself has already became a fashion icon that there are now key chains, cupcake holders, slippers and cable locks that bear the said symbol. Surprisingly, not even the one with the slightest idea if what the logo means is into wearing or using it as well.

Breast cancer awareness is not just an advocacy that you can support by wearing items with anything pink on them. You have to embrace it wholeheartedly and not just because it is a fad or a fashion statement. Instead, your support for this endeavor should also involve educating other people on how to avoid having it.

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